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Excursions Offered at Stanley's Resort

Hire a professional guide for the day. Our guides strive to teach you how we catch fish in our area, and make sure that your day is a memorable one. You choose what species to target, and what lake you want to fish. Don't forget that shore lunch is included if you like - a Canadian tradition. Prices start at $275 US for 2 people, add $15 for each extra adult.

Take a guided excursion to our catch and release northern lake. Drive your car to the landing and in 45 minutes you are catching 20-50 northerns per person. Sizes range from hammer-handles to lunkers. Keep a couple for shorelunch, and let the rest go. Great for sportmen and kids. $275 US for 2, $15 for each extra adult. ( max 6 adults).

How about a 20 minute floatplane flight around the area. View Eagle Lake and our surrounding portage lakes. Keep a sharp eye out for moose and other animals. Flights are available after fish fry, or any other night weather permitting. $100 US per person, Min 2 people, Max 3 people per flight.

Fly-out to a remote or portage lake. Save time traveling and hop onboard the float plane and your there in minutes. Choose from several of the portage lakes or a few remote lakes only accessible by plane. Flights drop you off in the morning, and will pick you up any time you desire. Prices start at $200++ US per person, Min 2 people,

Want to try something different during your stay. Take a photographic expedition with the owner who is an amateur shutter bug. Search for eagles, loons and moose. Search out Northwestern Ontario's most beautiful natural settings, waterfalls, natural Canadian Shield formations and beautiful scenery. Visit local historical sites and see ancient native pictographs from 500 years ago. $275 US for 2 people - $15 for each extra adult.