Northern Pike Fishing

A true Canadian favourite. Known for their fast hits and awesome fight, these aggressive fish are abundant in all of our waters. Many are caught when you are fishing for other species. Be careful, and hold on to your rod tightly. You never know when one of these lunkers will come out of nowhere and grab you line and run.

The size of northern range from "hammer-handles" all the way up to trophy. With shore lunch size to eat and some larger ones to CPR (catch, photo & release), the northern fishing will be talked about long after you return from your trip.

How about a guided trip? Drive to our own catch & release lake with a guide where you will be treated to a day of northern fishing so intense that many participants complain of sore wrists at the end of the day. The full day trip includes a shore lunch, and a chance to watch a pair of Bald Eagles come and pick fish off the surface of the water right in front of you!! You'll want to arrange for this trip early as availability is limited.